Friday, January 13, 2017

Brush Calligraphy using Stampin' Write Markers

Hello crafters... Its been a while since i been online and my blog has been slightly neglected. Im hoping to change that a little bit. Its one of my New Years Goals... To post more.

In addition to that goal, another one is to explore and learn brush calligraphy. I decided to join a group of lovely people on Instagram where we are participating in 30-days of drills. 4-weeks of practicing the basics. I am a week behind everyone else but i totally consider it an advantage because I am enjoying not only our instructors advice but tips from those a week ahead of me!

Go ahead and seach #showmeyourdrills on instagram and you will find a bunch of awesome inspiration should you decide to join. 

The group is lead by Becca Courtice from She has easy to follow videos, printouts and amazing tips and advice. 

Here are a couple of my first week's practice pages. 

I am using a Stampin' Write Marker since it has a similar brush tip. So far it seems to translate similarly though I have a ways to go to master the pressure needed to create perfect strokes. I love my Stampin' Write markers and can't wait to get good enough to use some brush calligraphy on some cards!

What are some of your New Years resolutions or goals?

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  1. That is looking really good Wanda, in no time you will be a brushstroke master :)