Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tool Tip Tuesday - Stampin' Sanding System

Stampin' Up! has replaced it's previous sanding block with the new Stampin' Sanding System. The Stampin’ Sanding System consists of a soft, easy-to-grip sanding block with four pieces of sanding paper, 2 of each size. The fine 150 grit and ultra-fine 180 grit sanding papers are ideal for distressing and sanding Core’dinations card stock. The Stampin' Sanding System (129367) can be found on page 12 of the 2013 Spring Catalog, and was originally featured in the 2012 Holiday Mini. It costs $3.95 US.  Refills (129368) are also available for purchase and come with 8 sheets of sandpaper, 4 of each grit. Refills cost $1.95 US.

I love this product! Prior to joining Stampin' Up! I had used everything from a cheap paper emery board to buying sandpaper at the hardware store. Both of which are not that convenient methods for adding distress to my creations. I am a bit stingy when it comes to buying tools - I'd rather have stamps and ink than specific tools so I could never bring myself to buy the Tim Holtz Sanding Block - although I do love Tim Holtz products and I'm sure I would have liked his version as well - I just never would spend the money to get it.  I did, however, read a review where the reviewer really liked Tim Holtz sanding block. Below is a comparison of the two systems, based on my online research. Items I compared were cost, ease of use, and refill/replacement.

Stampin' Sanding System
#129367 - $3.95
Stampin' Sanding System cost is only $3.95. It comes with the block and 4 pieces of sanding paper in two different grits - letting you quickly and easily distress any kind of surface. The sanding paper is removable/replaceable using hook and loop style attachment. You get two surfaces for sanding - a wide surface and a narrow surface. Refills are only $1.95 and come with 8 replacement sheets - 4 of each grit 150 grit and ultra fine 180 grit.

Refills: #129368 - $1.95
Tim Holtz Ideology Sanding Block costs $5.99.  It comes with only 1 sheet of sanding paper.  It has two spikes that hold the paper at each end. Hook and loop is pretty secure - I would be worried that the paper may wiggle and move on the block when using spikes to hold it in place. Ideology brand refills cost $1.52 on Amazon and only come with 4 refill sheets - no mention of whether or not they are different grits or all the same. This sanding block has only one large surface (2" x 3") to sand with.

Both systems appear to be adequate for sanding the Core'dinations Card Stock. Initial start up costs for Tim Holtz though appears to be more pricey  For the cost of Tim's Sanding Block, you can purchase the Stampin' Sanding System and its refills - which would initially give you 6  sheets of each grit just to get started with. For me, that would be enough to last a year or two.

The initial investment and maintenance of the Stampin' Sanding System appears to be a much better economical choice at this time. I have only had mine for a few weeks - time will tell if this product will last - but my guess is that it will stand the test of time. Stampin' Up! does their homework.

Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

Disclaimer:  I am a new Stampin' Up! demonstrator.  I am working on replacing all my craft supplies with only Stampin' Up! product, but I will occasionally use some of my non-SU stash. Bare with me as I work to replenish my stash with only SU product. I will be highlighting new products as they come in and I will always point out great alternatives to my non-SU product that are Stampin' Up!. Thanks for understanding.

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