Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My New Slice

My New Slice

Since picking up a second job at Michael's, I have gotten the skinny on the good deals. I picked up a Memory Maker's Slice die cut machine for real cheap - 19.99. It is the original Slice and not the Elite, but so far its working great.  In addition to the great price on the machine itself I also got a super great deal on the cartridges. When I got the machine I got an additional 3 cartridges with it - only $4.99 per cartridge. So later that week I grabbed 5 more - giving me a total of 9 cartridges including the one that came with it.  Well, today I decided to pick up another one or two cartridges and when my co-worker scanned them they rang up at $2.00 per cartridge so I picked up another 5 cartridges. I'd show you photos of them but my camera batteries are dead and it will be the weekend before I can pick up some more after today's little splurge.

Here's my list of cartridges along with links to their respective images on the Making Memories website.

Basics 1
Basic Shapes 2
Bon Appetit!
Happy Trails
Music & Dance
Playground Fonts
Think Pink
Words & Expressions Family
Words & Expressions Holiday
Vintage Findings

I haven't had much time to play with my Slice but I did make a Happy Birthday banner for my step-daughter's birthday on the 14th. As soon as I get new batteries for my camera I will post a photo. I am hoping to use these cartridges to create some really cool cards.

In addition to the cards, I have the ink pen tips in blue and black ink as well as marker tips in primary colors and brights for drawing with the slice. I have been on the look-out for a deal on the embossing tip but so far I have not had any luck yet. Since making the list above I also realized I don't have Basic Shapes 3. I work at Michael's tomorrow so I will alleviate that (at $2 why not!)

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