Monday, March 28, 2011

Video of the Week - March 27, 2011

Every Sunday, Shack Scraps will present a video of the week. It may or may not be related to paper crafting - but most likely it will be! This week I found an awesome video for  newbie paper crafters like myself. Most of us don't have a ton of money to spend to put together an entire crafting room like many of the veteran crafters have done over time. This video provides a technique that will help you out as you get started...

Faux Letterpress with Solid Images - published by Kim Crawford!

Thank you Kim! I am certain that everyone who views your video will be just as excited as I was.

Now, does anyone know what I can use as a pad when doing this technique? I have my Big Shot but no cushie pad as is shown and my funds are limited. The first commenter (within the USA) with the most useful household item (of which I already own) to use as an embossing pad in my Big Shot will get a Shack Scraps dozen of hand made flower embellishments. Get those comments goin!

Here is a sample of the flowers I have already made.

Thanks for stopping by!

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