Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tuesday Tool Tip - Two-Way Glue Pen

I know this is a day late, but please bare with me as I learn how to use the scheduled posts!  It should have been posted yesterday at 7 a.m. but I didn't realize I hit save instead of publish until I was looking for this post tonight. 

Two-Way Glue Pen #100425 
The chisel tip on our 2-Way Glue Pen makes it so easy to get just the right amount of glue for adding glitter. It’s easy to add sparkle with minimum fuss! 2-Way Glue is also versatile; you can get a permanent or temporary bond. Let the glue dry after you’ve applied it (it will become clear), and it will work just like a sticky note.

Quick Tiip:
Need a temporary bond for a stencil or mask? Or what about a permanent bond for a card or page? Look no further than the 2-Way Glue Pen.
  1. Wet bond (permanent bond). While the glue is still blue and wet, immediately make the bond. Use a wet bond when you apply glitter.
  2. Dry bond (temporary). Apply glue lightly and wait for the adhesive to dry (it will become clear). Use this method when masking or positioning stencils. When you are finished, you can remove the bond easily.
To start the 2-Way Glue Pen, push the tip in a few times and allow the glue to saturate the tip (the tip will turn blue). Always replace the cap after use.

Pick up a Two-Way Glue Pen and some Dazzling Diamond's Stampin' Glitter (#102023), page 158 of the Annual Catalog.  This great product combination will add a huge WOW factor to your cards. It's truly a stunning effect for only $8. Most embellishments cost that for one use - this combination will last a long, long time.

Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

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Disclaimer:  I am a new Stampin' Up! demonstrator.  I am working on replacing all my craft supplies with only Stampin' Up! product, but I will occasionally use some of my non-SU stash. Bare with me as I work to replenish my stash with only SU product. I will be highlighting new products as they come in and I will always point out great alternatives to my non-SU product that are Stampin' Up!. Thanks for understanding.

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