Saturday, March 10, 2012

Time flies...just like a Canary....

Wow...its hard to believe its March already.  I feel a bit sad that I have been so busy lately that I haven't gotten around to posting all the juicy details. Let's just say that February was so busy I barely had time to sleep!  I am working two jobs - a full-timer and part-timer, I took classes to earn a teaching certification, and we also went on a weekend vacation to Lost Valley Lake. On with the juicy details...

First, you have probably noticed the new page listed across the top of the menu bar - SDU and PaperED Classes. I did it - I am certified to teach scrapbooking at Michael's.  I am looking forward to teaching my first SDU class in May - for now though I am planning to teach paper crafting classes until I complete a few more samples to complete my curriculum for the SDU classes.  So even though I failed to create my scrapbook page for February - March and April should more than make up for it.

Photos, photos, photos...omg photos! I have spent the last few hours sorting and organizing my digital photos. I am missing so many good ones after a hard drive crash and I'm hoping that my family can help me piece them back together.  I haven't yet begun to tackle my Facebook photos yet - I know I will recover many of my lost ones from Facebook.  Note:  If you haven't backed up your digital photo collection - now is the time!  My March and April scrapbooking sessions now have new meaning - I have about 15 pages planned, some single layouts, some double.  It all started last night when I attempted to go to Walmart to get photos made - I had over 3000 photos on my thumb drive and after sitting through the machine trying to load them all I gave up and decided I needed to do some more photo organizing.  (One of the things I will be teaching in my SDU classes beginning in May)

And lastly, I have plans to bring my classes into my scrapbooks. I have huge plans for my classes - I honestly want to get them rolling to where I don't have to do cashiering for my part-time income. I want to teach the classes instead. That may come quicker than planned though as I am looking at overtime at my full-time job. An employee left, several people got promoted, including my 2nd shift plate-maker, which means I have to hire a new plate-maker and until that happens its OT for a while. This next week will be even more hectic as I am covering third shift so that employee can take a much needed vacation... Craziness I tell you! Gotta love my life!  Have a good one and look for another post soon - I want to describe my SDU classes a bit and explain how they differ from paperED classes.