Monday, June 25, 2012

June News

Hey there!

June is almost over - life has been keeping me thoroughly busy! My classes at Michael's haven't yet taken off too well but that is mostly because of my full-time job demands. During the months of May and June I have been working over-time and extra hours. We had an employee leave and have had to hire and train a new employee. The first one didn't work out so well but the second is a winner (so far - knock on wood!).  I have only been able to give one day a week to my part-time job at Michael's though I did keep 2 classes per month on the schedule. July classes are not yet posted on Michael's site but I can tell you that I only have two planned thus far as I wasn't sure our new employee at the Trib would work out. I am hoping that my store manager will allow me to add a few more but I will have to wait and see.

Today though, I got to host the Modge Podge Make and Take event at Michael's. It was great fun. We used Modge Podge, of course, and some really cool Acrylic Shapers as well as Podgeable Papers. Though you can use regular scrapbook paper as well - which I did. Below are photos of the Acrylic Shapers I created as well as a couple that two sweet girls made. If your interested in this project - Acrylic Shapers and Podgeable Papers should be found near the Modge Podge in your Michael's store - if not, be sure to ask a salesperson and they can locate it for you.

The white hue you see in several of these is wet Modge Podge - when dried it will be clear. Modge Podge takes about 3 hours to fully dry. The event lasted from noon to 3pm - which is why several of these are still wet. If you decide to try this at home, be sure to cover your surface with something disposable like newspaper or a paper bag. Modge Podge is really sticky but tons of fun! They also make a dimensional Modge Podge with glitter in it that is really cool to use too!
I do hope I have at least one or two readers and maybe if you get the chance, stop in and see me at Michael's in Columbia, Missouri - or if you aren't near Columbia, MO, just stop in and see what your local instructors are up to. Crafting is good for the soul! Thanks for stopping by!

Till next time,